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                    Welcome to Tri-Namics!                           



Why do you need a coach?  


Do you need a day to day training plan?

              "Give me step by step directions so I don't have to do it myself"

Do you need help fitting all this training into your schedule?

         "I have a full time job, I have a spouse, I have kids, I have ......How do I do all this?"

Do you want to avoid all the pitfalls & mistakes?

              "What happens in transition? What is an open water swim really like? What if, what if, what if,..........?"

Do you want to get to the next level faster than you can alone? 

          "I don't have time to learn this on my own. Can someone help?"

We can help!




It's a great sport, it's a great lifestyle, with great people.
You will get a sense of accomplishment quite unlike any other when you reach your goal.
Few people can do a triathlon - you can be one of the few. 
         We can help you get there, 
     and we can help you get farther and faster!